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Them’s fightin’ words, Julia… allegedly

First, she has allegedly gone an accused alleged bloggers, who in the most part are allegedly just people with alleged day jobs and a bit of alleged passion and concern, of “gender-based” attacks.

Yep. Allegedly that’s OK. But what does “gender based attacks” even allegedly mean? And JFTR, when was the last time before this week anyone had allegedly heard the word, “scurrilous”? Is the next Pirates of the Caribbean going to be, in alleged fact, “Pirates of the alleged water cooler at the alleged Parliament House”?

Whatever that allegedly means, something’s got the allegedly so-called shagger Thomson all allegedly fired up again… allegedly.

CRAIG Thomson has declared Fair Work Australia is living in “a dream land” if it attempts to prosecute him over union rorts…

And then, this… after all.

JULIA Gillard admitted to law firm Slater & Gordon during an internal probe that she should have opened a file for the controversial legal work that she had done for her then client and boyfriend, union boss Bruce Wilson.

Standard practice would require a file being opened lest one want to defraud their own law firm… hypothetically speaking, of course, but not allegedly.

Allegedly, Gillard and her alleged Co. have had an alleged Pow Wow allegedly over the alleged night and might allegedly come out today, allegedly Wednesday, with their metaphorical alleged gloves allegedly off.

Sorry, can’t print that quote. You know, allegations and all.

PS Andrew Bolt, I love your work but you were too harsh on Larry Pickering.


Oh dear

I believe the word is, “bye.”

The final report by Ian Temby, QC, and the accountant Dennis Robertson, which has been obtained by the Herald, paints a disturbing picture of the HSUeast branch. More than $20 million in questionable payments was paid to suppliers to the union without any form of tendering or contract.

More than $5 million went directly to companies operated by Mr Williamson and his wife, Julieanne, while $1.5 million of union funds was spent buying and renovating a warehouse, which was then used by his son Christopher, also an employee of the union.

What a bunch of crooks. Craig Thomson, you dodgy bastard.



*Carps, just for interest’s sake, where would one look should one want to look?
Got cash?
“Viewing archived property information files

To view archived property information files, please contact Yarra Building Services on 9205 5095.

The cost for viewing archived files are:

$78 for residents
$130 for commercial

Please note that there is an additional fee for photocopies of plans.”–building/Building-services/Property-Information/

Facebook shuts down free speech


Prominent cartoonist Larry Pickering has been banned from Facebook after he posted an offensive nude drawing of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Pickering, whose drawings have been printed in a number of newspapers, featured a cartoon of a naked Julia Gillard talking about the carbon tax on his blog.

Offensive? To some perhaps, but then free speech should always be… to some… all the time.

The offence?

So it’s a three day ban after shouty moonbats went into overdrive.

Speaking of overdrive, Larry comments in a post entitled: “JULIA IN DEEPER SHIT THAN CRAIG”

Bruce Wilson was an AWU heavy and Gillard’s boyfriend at the time. He had been threatening developers in a thinly disguised, mob-style protection racket: Industrial peace for payment… up to $50,000 at a time.

The payments went straight to accounts Gillard had arranged while she was still working for the Left wing law firm, Slater & Gordon.

Gillard was into the scam up to her elbows and, as she was screwing Wilson at the time, pillow talk wasn’t confined to her other sexual exploits including married father, and current, Trade Minister Craig Emerson and now Gold Coast spiv Tim Mathieson who departed the Coast leaving multiple unpaid debts.

Her part in the scam was rewarded with $50,000 of renovations to her house and a $25,000 account at a top fashion house (although one could be forgiven for thinking she never used it.)

The story broke and Gillard went into frenzied damage control.

The Hoohah began when that post was posted juxtaposed to that pic.

Gillard? Get that lying shyster out of office already.

H/T Reader Sean of Deer Park


The day Bolta pulled all his posts.


That Glenn Milne column originally linked here.


What is it with the Left and their antipathy to free speech?

This isn’t how politics should work

If true, more grubby revelations into how the trade union/ALP machine operates…

So much for being chosen and elected on merit. HSU secretary Kathy Jackson is claiming HSU East boss and former ALP national secretary Michael Williamson offered her a seat in parliamnet if she’d shut up.

As leader of the ALP, would PM Julia Gillard have known about this? If so, what was her stance on that? And if not, as leader, why not? Has she lost control of her party?

Surely that is another blow for Gillard’s – and let’s face it even if she won’t – shakey leadership hold.

Meanwhile, Bill Shorten’s desperate, frantic attempts to shut HSU East up by way of placing the solvent organisation into administration has been held up in the federal court because the judge isn’t sure whether a state union can fall under his jurisdiction.

[Shorten] wants the court to approve a scheme for the appointment of an administrator “until democratic control of the branch can be restored”.

By “democratic control”, you can be sure than means until Kathy Jackson is kicked out and things can return to “normal” (but maybe “normal” will be a little different next time e.g. they’ll use cash from now on to pay for hookers).


Because it can get a bit confusing for us interested onlookers, a who’s who of the HSU.

H/T Cranky Old Crow

NSW cops raid HSU East, AFP move on Slipper

Bolta, whose day job actually IS blogging, has the details.

One has to be cynical as to what the NSW cops will find, however. HSU East has had around four years’ warning that the proverbial might hit the fan. The allegations are that some of them there, or who were there, are crooked, not stupid.

Rise and shine, Julia. You are f***ing gone

And the rest of your mob, too.

Read it and weep.

If they still manage to cover this one up, I’ll be…

Seems you’re right Larry – from the proverbial “reliable source” in PM&C and quite a few other places, a Woodward story to bring down the government

“The spin is that Juliar has gone full NKVD on ‘parliamentary standards’ re Slipper and Shagger. Of course, it’s bollocks.

Nothing could apparently be further from the truth.The reality according to PM&C sources is that it all revolves around the Temby Report and Police investigations into Thomson’s involvement in HSU corruption. It’s much worse than we think and Shagger’s in it up to his eyeballs – and so are a bunch of others (‘d’ye think Shagger shagged all those whores himself?’ was the word).

I was informed that “…so the evidence is devastating! That’s why Short-arse [Shorten] panicked and monstered HSU east with deregistration. He also screamed over to ACTUHQ and got them to disenfranchise them chop-chop, although that’s partially to nobble Jackson, who they MUST destroy to cover their arses. If Jackson can act officially on what’s in those reports they are all f***ed. As in ‘your cell-mate is Bubba’ f***ed. Short-arse is trying desperately to stop the spread of what’s in the report. If it stays with him and his Department he’ll be able to bury it deep.’

I asked about Shagger’s change of tack from ‘release it’ to ‘no f***ing way can it be released’. Answer: “… so it’s f***ing dynamite. Thompson read it and apparently fainted or wet himself, sources vary. Dumbslut [Gillard] read it Saturday and probably cried herself to sleep after giving Tim the Beard a grudge-f*** up the dirt road. That’s why Dumbslut had bags under her eyes Sunday. She cut Thompson off straight up, THAT’s how bad it is. Rumours in the ACTU are that they are opening all the slush funds on this one to keep Thompson out of gaol, buy favours and help Short-arse bury the report. If Short-arse succeeds, he’ll probably dethrone Dumbslut as PM. You ain’t seen nothing yet in obfuscation, the spinners are already working overtime.’

Now, I stress this is from a deeply cynical operator, but this operator has hellacious good contacts south of the lake. He reckons that the security being wrapped around the report is extraordinary – but that EVERYONE wants to see it so they can leak it.

This is going to be entertaining.”

The Canberra presstitute might be finally waking up that there’s a chance to bring down a government with one story here. Get the full report (wikileaks?), and it’s probably done – Presstitute’s version of fame for life.

H/T Sean


Here’s what CAN be printed in the major dailies.

The full report is due at the end of May. Should be an interesting month.

Hmm, so maybe Thomson’s signature WAS forged… three times

So we read over at Bolta’s that embattled MP Craig Thomson hired some handwriting experts who have come to the conclusion that Thomson’s signature on the HSU credit card receipts for the prostitutes was indeed forged as Thomson claims, and not only that, but it was forged three times by three different people.

So, it kinda might put Thomson in the clear.


But, you have to ask, why would Thomson be lending out his credit card in the first place?

Was it stolen?

And then, when finding a forged signature used on the card at a brothel of all places, wouldn’t the average person think that maybe they shouldn’t be handing out their credit card?

And if not the first time, then why not the second time?

And why still the refusal to cooperate with the police?

If someone had forged my signature on my credit card, and it wouldn’t even have to be at a brothel, you could be pretty sure the cops would be involved.

But not with Thomson.

So at best it points to a question of (ir)responsibility and judgement.

This latest news begs more questions than it answers.

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