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Japan Airlines

This really deserves a much bigger post, but I’m bushed. That said, it was impossible to just leave it. It had been on the radar for bit, and at least needed a mention. Sorry, only one link.

JAL is filing for bankruptcy, slashing a third of its workforce, and getting a new guy – a 78 year old monk- in charge.

Don’t laugh about the monk. He’s actually quite an established entrepreneur amongst being a monk. Still, sounds weird but, right?

Ahem. This, not that, is what bugs me: How can the national airline of the world’s second or maybe third (too tired to check… it’s moot), be in such a position?

Personally, I’ve flown JAL a number of times and it really did always surprise me that a country of such perfectionism, earthquake-proof buildings, cleanliness and most of all such a harmonious relationship between tradition and technology – the latest technology – has such a bland airline.

Because it’s so connected to the government? But so is Singapore Air. Perhaps Singapore Air is the exception, not the rule.

Moving along, I remember one time catching a JAL 747, replete with Aussie Aboriginal paint job and all – and being so exited beforehand… only to find out it was possibly the oldest 747 in service, with seats Kate Richie could barely fit into, and a crappy 1980s TV that glowed green and purple.

What on Earth happened? How could one of the most advanced countries on Earth have such a substandard carrier of which it is little wonder that it is now (and has been for a while) in the doldrums?

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