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Inside the North Korean elite

A defector who used to work in the propaganda department tells it how it was.

After we met, Kim Jong-il asked his aides to take care of me and afterwards I received special treatment – the kind of benefits unavailable to normal citizens. Once you have met him in person, you can’t even be prosecuted in court without a special signing off.

For privileged, higher class, citizens there are three types of rations – a daily ration, a three day ration and a weekly ration. The state calculates everything a person needs in daily life, the amount of vitamins, calories, the kind of food you need to eat and so on. The daily ration is the highest, I received a weekly ration which was still very lavish.

The state calculates exactly what you need???


And, yes. Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. Go socialism!


Read on.

Radio interview here.


Further proof of just how useless the UN is

What’s pleasing, however, is that most UN member states boycotted the call for a minute’s silence for the dead despot, Kim Jong-il.

Stupidest headline ever

Kathleen Taylor asks:

Did Kim Jong-il brainwash the North Korean people?

About as quick on the uptake as Robert Manne.

This is a good thing… maybe

So the verdict seems to be that North Korea’s new ruler, Kim Jong-un, son of the dead and decaying (and he won’t be embalmed, either), Kim Jong-il, has managed – with the help of the established elite – to cement a firm grip on power.

To do that, he has to have control of the Party and the military insofar as holding two key posts.

Paik said the son would assume his father’s official titles – ruling party chief and chairman of the all-powerful National Defence Commission – and the timing of this was just a technicality.

Through the two positions, the late leader controlled both the party and the 1.19-million-strong armed forces in the country of “Songun” (a military-first policy).

If you’re interested, take a look at how the North Korean system is structured; it’s all very 1984.

Kim Jong-il was also one of four heads of the Politburo plus being head of the Secretariat – so really, there’s three key positions the Nork’s new leader has to fill (NDC, Politburo, Secretariat)… as well as maintaining hold over Office #39 which is basically a private slush fund for the Kim family (that the average Nork citizen wouldn’t have a clue about).

Anyway, where was I?

Ah, yes. A smooth transition means an unlikely chance of bombs being lopped on my head.

Also, the new boy was western edumacated as you all probably know so there’s a quiet hope the North might open up a bit, quit being so hostile and who knows, the Koreans might even start acting semi-normal towards each other.

The weird thing is, you can’t get any info out of a South Korean about their northern neighbour. Not even with my wife. Their feelings etc. They just shut down.

BTW, did you know communism is hip and down these days?

What? No teleprompter?

The announcement of Kim Jong-il’s death.

Via reader JM and Ed Driscoll.

When Lady Bingers gets home, I’ll hit her up for a translation.

Can’t promise she’ll be up to it.

Regardless. No teleprompter?

Nork newsreader 1. Obama 0

OK, jokes aside, two important links.

Growing up in a Nork gulag.

On that missile test which to me just said that they’re saying everything is in order.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong-Un

That’s how North Korea’s state-run media is now addressing the son and heir of the dead Kim Jong-il.

The North’s Central TV and the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) started addressing Kim Jong-Un as “Respected” or “Great” Comrade Kim Jong-Un as they called for unity around the new leadership.

“Standing at the vanguard of the Juche (self-reliance) revolution is Respected Comrade Kim Jong-Un,” the Central TV said.

It seems the succession of power is going relatively smoothly, but of course, time will tell.

A celebration: death of a dictator

Monday Nite Party Music.

Sorry, Kim Jong-il… yo’ dead. Can’t hear this.

Life goes on (but not for you Kim Jong-il!)

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