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It’s a hard day’s night

And she was panting like a dog…

It all started at something like 3 or 4am. Managed to stay awake for four. Woke up and counted five. Everyone’s a bit tired but queen and kittens are doing well.


In other news…

Seriously, nothing much happened news-wise today. I checked on the smartfone whilst getting a haircut…


Anything half-decent has already been posted in recent comments.

But yes, last night (27th) was rather a special one. April did finally have her kittens. Four in all. Two have her white colouring and two have Azzy’s grey/blue colouring (and howzat? born exactly one year after Azzy (Aslan), too).

First one popped out a bit after 7:30pm blog time, the next around 15 minutes later at ten to, the next at about a quarter past, and we thought that was it until another decided to say hi at about a quarter past eleven.

They all came out fine which was a relief (even though Lady Bingbing hates me mentioning a lot of my relief comes from the fact we can sell them for around 500 bucks a pop in a couple of months). The last one seemed a bit touch and go for a minute or two, and I had to cut the umbilical cord of the first.

April aka the milk machine is resting up outside their box at the moment, and, well, so is lady BB (yes, this is the second night LBB’s fallen asleep right outside the kitteh box)..

TBH, the kittens first looked more like mice than baby cats.

Anyway, here’s a pic. Hope it’s not too graphic (heck, some of the first ones… eek!)

Seven members of this animal house are sleeping now, and a movie just started. With any luck, I’ll chuck a few posts up tomorrow, but with the day off and everyone home… hmm, feel free to use this post as a discussion board also i.e. for other news. Heck, that’s what the title says. 🙂

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