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Friday Night Party Music

Yes, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Not that I haven’t been keeping up, but have been pretty busy in the new line of work (freelance ESL) – loving it – and, well, have been trying to get the stress levels down a bit.

Tim Blair may be a funny blogger, Andrew Bolt may be a serious blogger, but lately, whenever I’ve really gotten stuck into it, I just start getting angry.

I’m not convinced that is a good thing.

Nevertheless, as I said, I’ve been keeping an eye on things, mainly via the excellent Michael Smith and Larry Pickering (whose Facebook site seems to be having a better time of things today).

That national debt hit 250 bil today – nice one Julia and Wayne. That’s a bit over 11 grand of government debt every man, woman, and child now has to pay off on top of whatever personal debt one may have.

Julia’s off strutting her stuff at the UN General Assembly. Bit rough when one wakes up, turns on Australia Network, and she’s talking. If you’ll allow one to dream unrealistically for a tic, if we lose our bid for a seat on the (joke of a) UN Security Council, does that mean we’d have a good excuse to stop paying our dues? Whatever grand idea the UN might once have been, it is an inept shadow of it’s former self, packed to the rafters with corruptocrats.

Why do we have to put up with the likes of Iran’s Ahmadinejad ranting away up there? I’m not convinced his idea of “peace” is the same as our idea of peace.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu did an exceptional job, so maybe there’s some value left there.

But I digress. As an Aussie, my focus should be on Gillard’s performance. Go to Michael Smith, have a look around, and you see that it is in fact some international MSM picking up the story of the AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal!

If it were to happen, what a venue for that to blow up in the PM’s face. That said, it might not “blow up” but it might be enough to tilt the balance in Finland or Luxembourg’s favour. That might not be such a bad thing, lol. However, it’s a little embarrassing that international media will cover something that, generally speaking, Australian MSM won’t.

There’s lot’s there at both Larry’s and Michael’s sites; Ashby’s 50K payout, the debt, boat people, Nauru, AWU, Paul Howes… you name it, but I reckon I’ve gone into all that stuff enough for a Friday evening, indeed a Friday evening that is the beginning of a little mini-break over here in Korea.

Chusok. And actually, personally, I’m taking about nine days off, so again, forgive me if I don’t immerse myself in grubby politics during that time.

Besides: China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan; things are heating up just a tad too much over various disputed islands. One lot is between Japan, China, and Taiwan which you may have heard about. The other lot is between Japan and Korea. Apparently these islands/islets are of intense historical importance, so I guess the massive reserves of natural gas having noting to do with it (It’s Friday – no links). Man, China seems really stoked on getting that aircraft carrier (thanks, Russia!) – with another homemade one on the way. Hu Jintao had the Mao suit on and everything! And, well, I guess Korea’s pretty happy upon receiving 3 bil worth of Apache helicopters.

Fun times.

And yes, well noted is that the Persian Gulf is a fun place to be also these days (there is a way perhaps that we could be less dependent and without having to throw billions more taxpayer dollars at bankrupt solar experiments).

Oh, and there’s some kind of US election or something going on? All I say about that is that 4Corners was a bit deceptive when they promoted a doco about Mitt Romney but it turned out to be little more that 45 minutes of why Mormons are so bad with the occasional reminder that Mitt is a Mormon. It was actually a rerun of a BBC doco, but whatevs, and was aired months earlier in Australia but it was on Australia Network this week. The reporter, John Sweeney, has done two anti-Mitt/anti-Mormon docos that I know of (no – not linking).
Meh. Enough.

In much more pleasing news at this moment in time, Deadmau5 released >album title goes here< on Wednesday.


PS Most western op.eds telling you what “Gangnam Style” is all about are rubbish. But here and here are two good ones.


China, Japan, Korea, and a few chunks of rocks

Korea and Japan are fighting over Dokdo/Takeshima. Japan and China are fighting over a few other chunks.

Both disputed territories just so happen to have huge reserves of hydrocarbons.

One to keep a bit of an eye on.

So I’m just gonna do this…

Just from a personal perspective, but it’s a bit hard blogging* about a lame duck PM and the most idiotic, lamest protests ever devised in the history of mankind…

So here’s a pic.

It’s a side-on shot taken of Massa’s Ferrari going at 320km/h on the back straight at the 2011 Korean Formula One Grand Prix.


*Even being bothered to blog about such FAIL.

I dunno, but when you come back from a weekend like that, and read so much FAIL in the papers on Monday, you kinda stop giving a crap.

Go Stoner!

RIP Wheldon

Thursday night party music

Because it doesn’t qualify for Friday night party music.

JFTR but, that JY Park started Rain in his career. Aussies mightn’t have head of him, but Rain is an Asian superstar (not my taste of music though).

Could temperature and humidity affect the Korean F1 GP?

It doesn’t take an expert to suggest “yes”. The last few races have been played out in relatively hot and/or humid conditions. Japan was very wet and the temperatures in this region of the world are now and were, especially then, pretty warm. The race before that was in Singapore, a country known for being hot and humid. Before that, the F1 basked in the European summer.

But come Korea’s first ever F1 GP in 10 days time, well, from someone who’s lived here a few years, the temperature and the humidity drops off sharply in October. There is a very short autumn between Korea’s short, hot and humid summers and her long, cold and dry winters.

In a sport where 1000ths of seconds can be crucial and hence be the difference between millions of dollars, things like temperature and humidity are important factors to weigh in. Such things do affect the cars (they affect ours too but we just don’t notice).

Sudden temperature and/or climate changes affect us, too (read: the drivers… heck, even the mechanics).

Added to that, the track is one of a handful that are anti-clockwise. This will place huge G-forces on the other side as-per-usual of driver’s necks. Huge to the point of 4 to 5 Gs. Imagine training your neck to resist a certain force, then one weekend it has to endure the opposite for which it is less trained? If still unsure, put a 300kg weight on one side of your neck and see how it feels.*

*Well that’s for the body but the neck still cops it… big time.

And consider this. The last two races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi are both in hot climates, one wet, one dry.

So we go from a string of “hot races” to one “cold” race, to more “hot” races.

It’ll be an extra challenge for the teams but a win for the fans. Nothing like stirring the pot, keeping the teams on their toes!

Video. (Narrated by Mark Webber, the current leader of the championship and an Aussie!)


This race is vital to Korea and it’s a damn shame the entire track (well, the track is OK, I mean the rest) most likely won’t be picture perfect come race day. I’m anticipating teething problems (go figure). However, for all their faults, Korea is a nation that 50 years ago received aid from Somalia, and look at them now. They’ll work it out, even if my Korean co-teacher continues to be “difficult”.

Oh, the parallels…

Regardless, can’t wait! Even if the facilities will probably be worse than in Dehli.

Korean F1 almost certain to happen

Although there’s been quite a bit of speculation over the past few months, the Korean Formula One track (at Yeongam/Mokpo – promoted as the latter in Korea, the former elsewhere) was inspected today and although nothing official has come out, the track has received positive comments from race director, Charlie Whiting. On top of that, F1 supremo, Bernie Eccleston, is determined the race go ahead.

In other words, the Korean F1 is virtually certain to go ahead in a little under two weeks time (Oct 22-24).

Since we have tickets, Lady bing and I have been a little anxious, but I think it’s safe to say we’re able now to get properly excited.


Lady bing and I are seated in the front row of the I-b grandstand which barring a mountain in the way, should give us a good view of most of the track.


The cars right in front of us will be doing 250km/h. Not bad for what we paid.


JFTR, we are at turn 11.

Source. Click for a larger image.

A bit extra.

This will be the third last race of the season. There are 75 winner’s points up for grabs, with five drivers who could potentially take the title, noteably Aussie Mark Webber (Red Bull), Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari). They are on 220 and 206 (both) respectively. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are on 192 and 189 points respectively.

Red Bull have all but won the constructor’s championship.

Of note is that Hamilton could well be demoted five places next race as he might (probably?)  have to make an unscheduled gearbox change – again. Unfortunate (kinda). He was demoted five places last race, too, for the same reason but the new gearbox had problems – it couldn’t make 3rd – too.

Not that it’s any near certain who’ll win the championship, here’s hoping for crowd favourite, Mark Webber. The veteran who’s done it tough for much of his career certainly deserves it most. That said, it’s been a ripper of a season. Heck, last race wheels were falling off cars left, right and centre. There have been crashes galore all season. Five cars didn’t even make one lap. One car didn’t even make the warm-up lap!

The Korean GP is gearing up to be one helluva race! There are two long and fast straights which should favour the Ferrari’s and McLarens but they are tempered by a massive set of corners, some of them pretty fast, which should favour the Red Bulls.

Korea’s talking elephant

As you do. Apparently, it’s the world’s only talking elephant. It speaks Korean. Should I put my hand up to teach it English? BTW, sure, this isn’t news but it’s news to me.

He’s no Dumbo the Flying Elephant but with his ability to “speak,” perhaps as close to the Disney cartoon character as a real life elephant can get.

The Everland amusement park said Friday its 16-year-old male Asian elephant, named Kosik, can make sounds imitating up to eight Korean words, including “sit,” “no,” “yes,” and “lie down.”

Another word the article omits is “hello”.

He uses his trunk to make the sounds, the amusement park reckons they’ve done studies that show his voice frequency is similar to his keeper’s, and they speculate that it this whole speaking thing is because he spent so much time his his keeper, not his mother.

No one’s sure yet whether he understands what’s he’s saying.

You can make out the same frequency argument here, and this clip has a few lines in English (not by the elephant).

H/T Lady bingbing

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