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Avatar’s socialist mantra taken down

What is it with Leftist Hollywood elites, their friends, and all the hypocrisy that abounds? Using James Cameron’s Avatar as a hook, Ed Driscoll examines (well, summarises) this further…

A point worth noting is that arguably, as the fervour surrounding the War on Terror reached its peak, so did the fervour surrounding AGW. It’s known as Freudian displacement, and the Left are masters of it.

Read on.


Avatar doesn’t win Best Picture

Thank goodness for that. I don’t really care which picture won it – JFTR, it was Hurt Locker – just so long as it wasn’t James Cameron’s poorly scripted, leftist wankfest aka Avatar.

Also, congrats to Christoph Waltz for getting he Best Supporting Actor gong for his excellent performance as the Jew-hating Nazi in Inglorious Basterds.

Avatar sequel in the works

And almost curiously, it’s Rupert Murdoch – generally considered a Righty – pushing for it (“it” being the biggest puke-inducing Leftard wet dream piece of propaganda movie out there). Free markets and all that.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden doesn’t know what Avatar is. Well done, Joe.

Avatar respects marines?

You have got to be kidding. James Cameron is deluded.

John Nolte, at Big Hollywood, has the details.


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Avatar: the silver lining

Finally some good to come out of this moonbat monstrosity:

Think Avatar, for military spies. Pentagon far-out research arm Darpa wants to turn surveillance into a 3D experience for troops.

Mount Avatar

No pun intended.

Was it the one child policy, China? Seemingly not content with committing suicide or re-naming it’s children, China has decided to name a mountain range with, get this, “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain”.

Huh? So even when China torpedoes COP15 in order to save their US Treasury bonds investment, some idiot province decides to do this???


Avatar: would it kill you to see it?

Perhaps so.

Truth be told, those 3D glasses had to be taken off a few times.

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