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The US military has a hard-on for Ron Paul

When I first came across this at InfoWars, I was a little sceptical since Alex Jones can come up with some pretty out-there info and precepts.

Not only are soldiers and veterans who support Paul set to march on the White House come February 20, just check out the level of support.

And a little googling later we see a similar story run by Yahoo!

Rep. Ron Paul might not be one of the Republican candidates for president who has been in the spotlight lately, but that doesn’t mean that he has been forgotten. Paul has still been receiving monetary donations for his campaign, and he has received the most money from military service members, according to the Army Times.

This is starting to get a bit less “fringey”.

Did I say starting? My bad. I trawl a lot of media but missed this piece from Timothy Egan in the New York Times… dated just before Christmas.

The men and women in uniform probably wouldn’t support this proponent of limited engagement. So goes the conventional wisdom, which holds that those in the military support a leader itching for a fight.

But in fact, Representative Ron Paul, the congressman who favors the most minimalist American combat role of any major presidential candidate and who said all of the above quotes, has more financial support from active duty members of the service than any other politician.

As of the last reporting date, at the end of September, Paul leads all candidates by far in donations from service members. This trend has been in place since 2008, when Paul ran for president with a similar stance: calling nonsense at hawk squawk from both parties.

NYT, Yahoo! Meh;  no one gets the eyeballs like Jon Stewart gets the eyeballs. The problem there, of course, is that Stewart isn’t exactly the Republican Party’s biggest cheerleader.

But check this interview out.

Heck, even one of the best, if not the best, economics blogs on the Net – ZeroHedge– likes Ron Paul.

But here’s where it gets tricky. The Main Stream Media on both sides haven’t exactly been cheerleaders for him.

And in something one could so far never really consider a “mainstream” news source, one of the topmost influential/read Conservative blogs, HotAir, surveyed its readers and Paul didn’t fare so well.

Four per cent… EEK!

Add to that, even though Paul receives almost twice as much in campaign contributions from members of the US military, that distant number two is… Obama.

Vice presidential candidate, perhaps?


Some recent figures of who US military members are donating to. Yep. Paul… by a long shot.

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