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Labor’s dog-whistle politics vs the very real Gillard/AWU scandal (and the return of the VRWC)

You know, in some ways I’m surprised, but then again, I’m really not. This is in reference to the latest Newspoll putting Labor and the Coalition at 50/50.

OK, so the other polls still have Labor back in the doldrums, but anyway.

So, an explanation:

Part of it I would put down to the relentless, baseless smear campaign conducted on the Opposition Leader.

The latest was that he lashed out by punching some walls. No matter that it never happened. No matter that it’s an obvious lie. No matter that it’s an obvious lie based on bogus accounts of what didn’t happen more than 30 years ago when the bloke was a teenager.

The narrative got out that Tony Abbott punched at a woman.

Then that kind of baseless smear gets backed up with his “a woman’s virginity is her most sacred gift,” comment as if, therefore, the man’s personal sentiment is somehow going to change the laws like some Catholic South American leftist dictator would so that there would be no legal sex before marriage… punishable by circumcision one would imagine.

I mean, really. It’s dog whistle stuff.

Another big part, is that in times of crisis, nations do rally around their leaders. We saw this with Bush after 9/11. Having witnessed worldwide Islamic riots come to our very own shores, it is understandable that Aussies would rally around the PM, even if she hasn’t yet condemned the Sydney riots.

So for those three reasons, I believe that one poll is up.

But there’s also a fourth reason, unfortunately the most telling of all.

The most telling because it didn’t lead tonight’s news bulletin, did it? Was it even brought up? Did the ABC run anything? Did Fairfax, or the Canberra press gallery? Or, if anything was run at all, was there some more nonsense dished out that this very real, well documented scandal is somehow some kind of sinister Murdoch “hate media” plot?

A vast right wing conspiracy, if you will…

What am I on about? Well, that would be the very real Gillard/AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal… or in particular, the lack of reporting of it.

That’s where the real money is, over half a million of un-recovered funds to be exact, siphoned through bank accounts our PM admits she set up.

Entities such as Theiss and even the WA government were defrauded of hundreds of thousand of dollars, some of which went to renovate our PM’s house.

And all under the auspices of the “AWU Workplace Reform Association”, an association that Gillard herself has admitted on record was a slush fund, and that she set up.

Have a listen…

Ho hum. Another Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Like the one that got Clinton?


Goodbye, Libya

Not a chance, Libya, so long as I live. Never will I look on your people, nor country in any way favourably.

To do that, to the American ambassador. Never forget. Never forgive. And I’m quite aware of the date.

All over a movie?

I am done with trying to understand these “people”.


Yeah, well…


That said…


And the embassy had no Marine protection. What kind of a president would allow that to happen?


It’s funny coz it’s true…


The writing had been on the wall for months – around a year and a half – and yet Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State for the Obama administration expresses surprise.


And again, the question begs: why didn’t that Embassy have Marine protection??? This is as much an indictment on the Obama administration as it is on Islamic terrorism (19,592 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 and counting JFTR…)


Have a squiz around the internet and we know that shitty video was made by some anonymous charlatan. We know the violence didn’t happen until after it was found, translated, and “promoted” by some Egyptian sheik. We know abhorrent violence has been ignited in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Iran.

So what can we deduce from this?

Simple. Those guys over there really hate our guts. Essentially, the Islamic world hates the West.

How can any form of appeasement or compromise possibly work when all it takes is a crap video, and our guys get their corpses paraded around the streets?

Trouble in Syria

As Syria’s Assad regime countinues to slaughter its own people (including the killing and torture of 256 children), it is fast turning into a standoff between Russia and the US in the region.

The Syrian crisis aassumed a big power dimension this week with the build-up of rival United States and Russia naval air carrier armadas in Syrian waters, debkafile’s military sources report.

The USS George H.W. Bush arrived Wednesday, Nov. 23, in the wake of the three Russian warships anchored earlier opposite Tartus which established a command post in the Syrian port. They will be augmented by Russia’s only air carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov, which is due in mid-week.

By deploying 70 ship-borne fighter-bombers plus three heavy guided missile cruisers and five guided missile destroyers opposite Syria, Washington has laid down military support for any intervention the Arab League in conjunction with Turkey may decide on.

Bashar Assad can see for himself that Washington has hoisted a nuclear aerial umbrella to protect its allies, Israel, Turkey, and Jordan, against the retaliation his armed forces high command pledged Friday for the deaths of six Syrian air force elite pilots in an ambush Thursday.

But why would Russia be so concerned about Syria? Well, as usual, it’s a case of follow the money.

Russia has a strong financial stake in the survival of the Assad regime. But it also opposes Western intervention on principle – particularly in the wake of NATO’s Libya campaign.

We’re talking a financial stake to the tune of $20 billion.

And (from that link), it gets messier.

Much of the funding for the arms deals reportedly is underwritten by Iran, which signed several defense agreements with Syria from 2005. That enables some of the weapons allegedly to be quietly transferred to Iran thus circumventing a United Nations ban of arms exports to the Islamic Republic.

Now isn’t that just fine and dandy.

Russia also claims it prefers stability essentially over the West’s preference for democracy. It says the alternative to these regimes, instead of being democracies, could indeed be much worse.

More on that stability mantra here:

Putin promised Russians stability, a word he repeated often throughout his speech. In countering criticism that he has tightened his control at the expense of democracy, Putin insisted that Russia needs a “stable political system” to guarantee “stable development” for decades to come.


Presumably, Russia didn’t like what happened in Eqypt either.

A second day of voting has begun in Egypt in the first elections since former President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown with indications of a high turnout in Cairo and other big cities.

The first day of polling for a new parliament was mainly peaceful.

Voting was extended by two hours to cope with long queues and few security problems were reported.

And from that link, the BBC’s Cairo correspondent, Kevin Connolly:

Most parties seem to agree though that Egypt is on course for a record turnout. An indication of the pent-up appetite for democracy – allowed free expression at last.

PS No wonder Russia didn’t like Obama’s InstaWar-that-wasn’t-actually-a-war in Libya. It could well cost them $10 billion in lost business deals if the new government there decides it’s not interested in deals Ghaddafi signed before his ousting.


It may well not be as tense between the US and Russia as my earlier links suggest.

Calm down, the aircraft carrier is not off Syria

With little having been disclosed to the public at this point, and no assurance as to what is actually being planned or proposed, speculation is rampant.  DEBKA and the Russian agency RT are hyperventilating today over a report that USS George H W Bush (CVN-77) has anchored off the Syrian coast.  But Bush actually pulled into Marseilles on the 25th for a long-scheduled port visit (and posted photos from a reception in Marseilles on Saturday at her Facebook page).  French local press confirms the carrier’s presence.

The Russians may or may not have dispatched three warships to Tartus to signal that they don’t want a Western intervention in Syria, and that they want to protect their alliance with the Assad regime.  The report originated with Syria, and Russia is being coy about the ships.  It would be very easy to disprove the Syrian news story, if the ships aren’t there.  And they may well be, calling in Tartus from the anti-piracy station off Somalia, as a Russian anti-piracy task force did in September.

Meanwhile, reports that the Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is in the Med are premature.  As of 24 November, the carrier and her escorts were still in the Northern Fleet operations area in the Barents Sea, awaiting a pre-deployment inspection.  The transit to the Strait of Gibraltar will take at least 8 days once it starts; the Russian media report that Kuznetsov will be in the Med in December.  Her deployment has been scheduled for some time; of course her activities are indicators of Russian national interests, but they aren’t necessarily an indication of reaction to yesterday’s news.



News tidbits from around the Interwebs

As if Gillard’s week couldn’t get any worse, Nauru wants to ratify its UN Refugee Convention commitment. How embarrassing for a PM that is out of options.

Speaking of that issue, let’s just get scum like these pissants out of the way.

Worse? Ten million bucks of taxpayer BER funds were spent on schools slated for closure. 🙄

One last stab at our Prime Stabber:  So she’s convinced about man-made global warming, eh? And that a useless tax will fix it? And that scientific reports that aren’t actually scientific but actually directed by government policy makers – yes, we’re talking the IPCC here – can be trusted when written by Greenpeace activists? OH wait, it all makes sense now. 😉

Keeping it in Australia for just one more blurb: Cory Bernadi for Libs presidency? Hmm, maybe, but wouldn’t he be better in a powerful ministerial role?

OK, crossing the puddle but still thinking of home, some Aussie mum reckons it was her boy getting it on with his girl. In Canada. In the middle of a riot. As you do.

BTW, in Greece they riot over “austerity measures” (i.e. not letting the country go completely down the toilet after decades of leftist government and social policy). In Canada, it’s over an ice-hockey game. Again, as you do.

OK, over to the US. Why did it take DEMOCRAT Weiner so long to resign in the first place? Anyway, Slate takes a look at some other frisky pollies who refused to resign… and got away with it. With the eight they showcase in all, five are Democrats including Bawney Fwank, Bill, and of course, Ted. Two are Republicans*, and they chuck Berlusconi in for good measure. The dude is 74 and still chompin’ at it! One almost has to respect that.

*Arguably, one of the Dems would be a Republican in the modern era.

On a more serious note, is Obama’s Libyan war – and let’s face it, it IS a war – even legal? He’s totally snubbed Congress aka the body that is actually authorised to permit a war. And he’s being sued for it.

Meanwhile, in yet another Obama Moment of FAIL™, he rejects a further push to US energy independence by turning his chin up to Alaskan oil and gas drilling. Good timing, dickhead, just when China and Russia announce closer ties (MOAR) whilst warning the US to butt out of Oil-land aka the middle East. Is Obama even pro-American? Is he just that plain fucking stupid?

China’s also taking steps against US cyberwarfare threats against them. Arrogant little bastards. Anyone who has Malware Bytes knows China is the biggest cyberwarfare threat by a longshot. Still, if I were China, I’d take advantage of that stupid clown in the White House now, too. It’s just how it works in the real world (as opposed to Obama’s leftist dream unicorn fantasy).

Speaking of unicorn fantasies, Eliot Spitzer claims Republicans have shifted beyond the far right. Give me a break, mate. Maybe he thinks that only because the left is currently halfway to an alternative universe that doesn’t even exist. Seriously, taxing a trace gas to save a 4.5 billion year old planet? How is taxing 0.001% of the atmosphere and ruining the livelihoods of millions of families reasonable yet a bloke who used to own a pizza joint is radical?

Maybe it’s because so-called “progressives” would be more accurately described as “regressives”.

Speaking of progressive, to save a planet that doesn’t need saving from a problem that doesn’t actually exist, everyone’s favourite pseudo-scientific political body, the IPCC, wants to put mirrors in space to… oh, I give up… to waste even more money (like we have any left)!

F*ck me. The Ridiculometre™ is fully functional and operational, Lord Vader.

And I mean FULLY functional and operational… steak made from human shit. 🙄 They’ve been making us swallow their shit for more than 20 years now.

When figurative no longer is: FYYSFLT’s. As Penn & Teller note, always use the Japanese when trying to sell bullshit (‘cept it ain’t bullshit anymore).

Oh god. Can we just talk about real beef please?!?!

Beef producers call for live cattle export welfare checks to extend worldwide

Thank you.

Those greenies are just a bunch of hypocrites anyway, the lot of them. Sorry you didn’t get the house you wanted, Edge, but when you suck on about the environment, and then try to top Al Gore in the waste-stakes, well, that’s Karma baby.

Speaking of funny, it not just in the US – looking at you Stewart and Colbert – where comedians double as government and/or leftist propagandists.


Did anything actually positive happen in the West over the past week?

Yes it did.

Victory Over Islamic Influence at the National Defense University Foundation

So there you go.

PS He often doesn’t leave me in the best mood – no unicorns with this guy – but here’s Mark Steyn’s weekly round-up, too.

H/T s_dog, Matt Drudge, Instapundit, bingbing 😉

*Quit the QLD mining crusade, Alan, and research, at least, the facts behind Gasland.


The cherry on the cake: windfarm shut down. Windfarms are noisy for those living next to them, dangerous for those building them, and don’t produce viable electricity.


No wonder Spitzer lurches at the right. RINO Republican Romney is “ahead of the pack”. Fear not VRWC minions. Herman Cain is close.

H/T VRWC Battle Tank  Operation’s  Deviser – Canada  – JM Heinrichs aka Teh Kitteh Luva.

Does Europe hate oil and love cars? Or is that the other way round?

They want to ban cars, yet they want to punish Libya?

And why’s Obama concerned?



Obama’s war: InstaWar!

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, really. Not that Ghaddafi (or however you want to spell it) is a saint, but it seems odd to be siding with his opponents when they have admitted links to al Qaeda.

Weren’t we supposed to be fighting against terrorism?

The oil was flowing out of Libya just fine (as it was in Iraq), so it can’t be about that.

So just what is it about? Obama needed a war of his own?

Slate reckons he’s contradicting himself – a plausible conclusion since Obama’s schtick has been all about the US looking after number one and not interfering so much.

And then there’s the running joke out there: “I authorized this war that is not a war, which is narrowly focused but broad in scope, so we could lead. As helpers.”

No, that’s not an actual quote from Obama’s speech, but if you read it through, that’s what it basically boils down to.

Or seems to boil down to (just what does it boil down to?). A handy wordcloud notes Obama went heavy on the “people” line.

But what people? The Libyans who can’t afford to eat? Al Qaeda’s recruits whom the “people” he’s supporting have links to?

Obama (real quote): “This voice is just one of many in a region where a new generation is refusing to be denied their rights and opportunities any longer.”

OK, mate. But you’re not sounding all that convincing right now.

Anyway, good luck with it… if you can figure out what it is you’re actually doing.

H/T Insty and spot.

PS Where’s Michael Ware?


Rush reckons it is about oil – Europe’s this time (like Europe needs Libya’s oil if the proverbial were ever to hit the fan).


Are Righties now gonna protest “No War for Oil”?

I read a lot of media, and I didn’t hear squat about any oil flow problem out of Libya before this new war started.

Let’s face it. This war – well at least the need for multilateral international involvement in it – has essentially come out of nowhere. Is this InstaWar?

More from spot @ Tizona.



Obama’s war

Finally, the man gets a war of his own.

Andrew Bolt notes, however:

Remember when Barack Obama attacked an American president for sending in the military to help topple a Middle Eastern tyrant?

Meanwhile, the peace activists come out en masse.

Regardless, good on him, and thanks for building the nuclear power plants in Alabama (or at least not stopping them).

UN Resolution 1973

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