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Malaysia, truly Vucked

And their F1 race sucks every year, too.

Easy on the V-necks, lads. Your tuft of 70s-esque chest hair will be reprimanded for extreme badness.

No worries, those A-holes can’t even sign the UNHCR Human Rights Convention (incidentally, you wanna send boat people – especially latter sex slave kids – where, Julia?), so they’ve decided on  cracking on down on the really important issues affecting the planet.

V-neck shirts.

The stupid it burns.

“Once the children have these symptoms, immediate attention should be given,” the guidelines warned, according to Malaysiakini.

Ho hum. At least we can be reassured this is a moderate Presbyterian nation.


And a good thing, too

The Malaysia “solution” was never a solution. A muddied message at best, the idea to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in return for 4000 of their refugees reeked of nothingness.

It made no sense.

And Tony Abbott is right to swat it like the mosquito it is.

Greens out out touch: survey

What a shame Labor is so in bed with the Greens, a party that, for example, wants to welcome all illegal arrivals with open arms and minimal checks (well, it’s great actually if you’re not an ALP fan).

IN the debate over asylum all sides believe there is an answer: and they have it. Human rights advocates argue the only humane course of action is to welcome those who arrive by boat.

The large majority of Australians, however, do not see the asylum issue in such straight-forward human rights terms.

A number of surveys during the past 18 months indicate the majority favour policy to deter boat arrivals, including mandatory detention.

An August Nielsen poll found 15 per cent of respondents considered boats should be sent back to sea and another 52 per cent that asylum-seekers should be kept in detention while their claims were assessed.

More detail is available in the Scanlon Foundation surveys, four of which have been conducted since 2007. The just released 2011 findings indicate only 22 per cent favour granting the right of permanent residence to asylum-seekers arriving by boat; 39 per cent favour asylum in Australia, but only on a temporary basis; the remaining 35 per cent want boats to be turned back or the asylum-seeker detained pending deportation.

Add up those last two, both holding reasonable and workable solutions, and we have almost three quarters of Aussies who’d probably agree that Gillard has made an absolute mess – needlessly too.

To be fair, at least PM Gillard isn’t siding with the Greens on this particular issue but her support of weakened laws coupled with her stubborn refusal to reinstate policies that worked is just as damaging.

More than 400 dead, PM…

It continues to get worse

That patronizing speech to the nation the other day wouldn’t have helped as our embattled Labor party sinks to an historic low of a mere 26%. Combine the Greens, other minor parties, and the independents and you’re at about the same level.

Any kind of “Malaysia solution” or offshore processing solution is off the cards for the moment as PM Gillard still stubbornly refuses to reopen the perfectly suitable and functioning offshore processing centre on the picturesque Pacific island of Nauru.

And no, Juliar. You’re the one in government. You’re the one who wrecked a perfectly good and working offshore processing system that saved countless lives that otherwise would have been lost to the sea. This is your problem to deal with and blaming someone else just weakens your credibility even more (if that’s even possible).

Gillard’s obstinance will cost lives

Just why our prime minister, burdened with a dog’s breakfast of an illegal immigration policy, still stubbornly refuses to re-open the perfectly acceptable, good and working processing centre for illegal immigrants on the beautiful Pacific island of Nauru is difficult to comprehend.

She doesn’t even want to talk about it.

No, she wants Malaysia but the High Court said NO because Malaysia does not provide acceptable living conditions for refugees and asylum seekers.

She wants Manus island but the PNG government said NO, and it’s not the safest place anyway.

She wants East Timor but they weren’t even properly consulted, and they too said NO.

But just what IS her problem with Nauru?

Does it really matter where offshore the processing centre is?

The point is, is that when it’s offshore, that sends a key message to the people smugglers and their customers: You won’t make it to Australia.

It worked.

The boats stopped and hundreds were spared the horrifying death of drowning at sea.

That’s all that Gillard’s lack of policy has really done – killed hundreds.

Australia takes in a fixed number of refugees and asylum seekers per year.

If they come illegally by boat, that means someone in a refugee camp – say in Malaysia or Africa – who’s set to come here legally is forced to wait even longer.

Thus, the Gillard government’s policy can hardly be considered humane.

Real refugees and asylum seekers are given the cold shoulder over those with $10,000 or likely more who then further insult our system by throwing away their documents.

If they make it at all that is.

But don’t worry yourself, Julia.

Today we read that just as you appear not to (deeds, not words, PM), some of them don’t care if they drown whilst trying to get here, either.


Meanwhile, as the government dithers over policy and pride…

MORE than 600 boatpeople a month would flood into Australian waters unless offshore processing is revived as a policy option, Tony Abbott was told by government officials today.

Labor has been warned, and the Opposition Leader was today also told, that onshore-only processing would overwhelm the immigration detention network within about one year.

And, inevitably, the asylum-seekers that were part of that influx would be released into the community, with the potential for long-term cultural change and European-style disharmony in Australia, Mr Abbott was told in a special briefing by government officials in Brisbane this afternoon.

Those would be the government officials Gillard sent to Abbott after his offer to help.

The PM is in a lose-lose situation. She desperately needs to re-open the processing centre on Nauru but doesn’t have the humility to do so.

It would be a much easier decision for a new Labor leader/PM.

Come to Australia: buy now, pay later

With the government’s illegal immigration policy in tatters, the people smugglers are really starting to have a field day.

PEOPLE smugglers are offering asylum seekers in Indonesia passage to Australia by boat for as little as $US500 ($468) upfront, with the rest being paid after they are granted residency and find work, Afghans in Cisarua, West Java, have said.

The revelations of the ”travel now, pay later” scheme came as the asylum seekers expressed their delight at the High Court’s decision to quash the so-called Malaysia solution and predicted a fresh influx of boat arrivals.

Pity the poor sods trying to do the right thing by putting themselves on the official waiting list.

Gillard has turned immigration into a sick joke. Just how many more will die at sea in the near future we’ll never know.


I can’t help wondering how the people smugglers will ensure payment once their clients arrive in Australia. Keep one family member back as collateral?

Either way, if the new scheme really is the real deal, we’re looking at Aussie taxpayers money, in the form of welfare payments, going straight to people smugglers.

Credit where it’s due

A few weeks ago, it seemed so unlikely that we’d all stop talking about PM Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide (an essential mostly natural trace gas) tax anytime soon.

But the ranga has pulled a miracle and swept it aside with her Malaysian solution of FAIL!

That takes real anti-skill.

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