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Aussie Mark Webber wins the British F1 GP

*He’s not called AussieGrit for nothing.

Having qualified second, the Australian had himself an afternoon and a half if he were going to entain the possibility of pipping the formidable Spaniard, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

Check the twitter feed, and you’ll see at least one punter hoping Mark would do it by the first corner… the, er, easy way.

And there was half a chance, however the prancing horse veered right, right in front of the red bull, and closed down any further discussion on that one.

Thus, it was down to a race of attrition, and by “attrition” in 2012, we mean tyres.

Give or take, Webber and Alonso were in a class of their own Sunday afternoon, but for Mark to hold up a chunk of sweet looking gold rather than a casting of a bank’s logo, either “something” had to happen or AussieGrit had to apply the old elbow grease.

Nothing happened, and thus it became a case of quietly chipping away; a fastest lap here, half a second there.

It was a case of drive that beast until that six second gap became two cars in one frame, the Spaniard on the soft option tyres, and the Australian on the “slower” but more durable primes.

In the end, or more precisely with about five laps to go, it wasn’t even close. Mark had the tyres, and therefore the traction.

The Red Bull cruised past.

No, there wasn’t any jumping on the sofa this time, like there was in Monaco.

And Webber’s reaction was similarly understated.

Winning the British GP for the second time in three years was, frankly, job done.

*Re-written because it deserved it


Webber celebrates… not for himself, but rather for the fans.

“It’s taking a while to sink in this one. I think it was the circumstances of the race – for most of it I was marking off second place. Fernando was not quite out of touch and after the last stop, my engineer Ciaron came on the radio saying that Fernando was not doing much on the option tyres. But I know Fernando is a wily old fox, I thought he was looking after the tyres and just waiting to pull the pin and go a little bit. But when I got within two seconds I thought maybe he’s in a little bit of trouble and it was real. It was completely game on when I knew the DRS was available, I made the move stick and our hard work paid off for the win. It was a cracking grand prix today; the spectators got to see a good race and I’m pleased for them.”


So, how does an F1 car work, anyway?

Well, the mechanics at Team Sauber decided to, in their free time, cut one in half. As you do. The bit that really got me was precisely how the driver sits. I knew his butt was only a centimetre off the tarmac, but I’d never realised quite how much their legs are lifted.

Via Jalopnik

Meanwhile, seven races in, Aussie Mark Webber is in a reasonably comfortable fourth after a slightly disappointing seventh place finish in yesterday’s Canadian GP. Seven different winners out of seven different races which, if you’re not familiar with F1, is unprecedented. The cars this year are within tenths, hundreds, even thousandths of a second from each other.

Tell ya what but, with the race starting at 3am local time over here, my eyes are about to fall out of their skull.

Just chilling until the F1

Just over seven hours and Aussie Mark Webber’s best chance at a win this season.

Webber on pole: go Mark!

Something more positive to consider this weekend is that Aussie F1 driver Mark Webber is on pole position for tonight’s (10pm Aussie time) German Grand Prix.

It was brilliant watching him clinch it from Vettel last night, and also well done McClaren’s Lewis Hamilton making 2nd.

Vettel’s lead in the championship is pretty much unassailable, but who doesn’t want to see Mark win a race this year regardless? It would certainly help him to at least better secure his tenure of 2nd place in the championship (and no, 2nd ain’t first but it’s better than 3rd which Mark got last year).

Just get that start right this time, Mark!

Webber philosophical over title hopes

That’s probably the best he can be after Red Bull decided not to switch the order last race. That would have left Mark 1 point behind in 2nd place on the leader board rather than 8 points. First place in any race is worth 7 points more than 2nd.

And yes, it has been a good year no matter what, but it’d be bloody fantastic if he did manage to win his first ever Formula 1 drivers’ championship.

Let’s hope it all works out on Sunday in Abu Dhabi!


Mark Webber’s car

A random F1 pic…

They forgot to put on the “avoid wall” sticker.

Brabham: Webber’s chance “blown”

I hope he’s wrong but with just two rounds to go and an in-form Alonso, it’s a real worry. Jack Brabham had earlier this year said Webber could take the crown. However, after last Saturday’s needless crash, it’s hardly a shock that the former three-time world champ has changed his tune.

“That would be fantastic, it would mean a lot to me and it would mean a lot to Australia, but unfortunately I think his real opportunity has been blown last weekend,” Brabham said.

“I’m really there behind him in the hope that he gets there but if he doesn’t do it this year I don’t think he ever will, personally.

That said, Mark thrives under pressure, and with any luck, Brabham’s kick up the backside might just do the trick.

C’mon, Mark!

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