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My take on the SCOTUS Obamacare ruling

(originally posted on facebook)

OK. So the SCOTUS has deemed Obamacare constitutional and thus able to go ahead. Now those people who know me, know that I’m far from being a liberal (but JFTR, I’m not conservative, I’m libertarian/classical liberal). Interestingly, it was Justice Roberts, the chief justice and a conservative, who cast the deciding vote. He framed Obamacare as a tax, and thus as a tax, the congress has every right to do what it wants. Don’t like it? Vote them out, or you shouldn’t have voted them in. Tough bikkies. Not the court’s problem.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand progressive ideology, so don’t see the following as some kind of *coming together* watershed moment. I still have utmost disdain for the OWS crowd, PETAphiles, and idiots who think that man-made CO2 emissions somehow cause global warming.

However, Obama is a democratically elected president, and the SCOTUS has deemed Obamacare constitutional. For better or for worse, people should deal with that and get working. It’s not as if now there’s suddenly universal “free” healthcare in America anyway. Basically, my understanding is that Obamacare now forces your lazy ass to buy some frickin’ health insurance if you don’t have it already, and no more of this pre-existing condition crap (although that was rorted by healthcare providers and clients alike).

And the sky won’t fall in with Medicare and Medicaid. I know this because we have a top-notch healthcare system in Australia comprising of BOTH public and private healthcare. We’ve had it for ages, and basically it works fine.

Now, as you all know, I’m certainly of the Right, and I just hope others on the Right deal with it and won’t carry on like whiny little shouty moonbat bitches like so many on the Left do about, say, another SCOTUS decision like *that one* in 2000.

Anyway, my interest in all this is rather limited beacuse, seriously, as an Australian living in Korea, I don’t really give that much of a fuck about American healthcare.

On a more practical level, however, I would like to talk briefly about healthcare in Korea. I hope people realise that their national health insurance does NOT cover everything. A couple of times during my vacat-… er, stay in Korea, a foreigner has been involved in a serious accident. He/They only had national health insurance, and the doctors WOULD NOT operate until tens of thousands of dollars could be paid. So, we did our best and passed round the tin. Too little. Too late. Those people died.

Moral of the story? I could not recommend high enough also obtaining private health insurance whilst you stay in Korea. Even the best is not overly expensive. Also, if you drive a motor vehicle, get some top notch – not just that basic crap – for you car. For instance, I have insurance that covers my car, me, any passengers, their car, their passengers, any other people, as well as property. I even pay 50 bucks more so that if some asshole sues me even if it’s not my fault (gee, they wouldn’t do that to a foreigner would they?), I’m covered.

Stay safe, people.


JM sent over a few links and posted a comment which my half-drunk (so far) Friday night arse has boiled down to this (and I’ll post the links after the comment).

(originally posted in comments on another bloke’s facebook thread to a lefty audience)

A mate sent over a few links. The ACA is now essentially a tax (as I said above). This means anyone not wanting to sign up to Obamacare will simply pay a tax, $95 the first year up to $695 (indexed) from 2015 or so. What Roberts’ decision also does is set a precedent for future limiting of the congress’ powers. In addition, Obamacare won’t need 60 votes to be overturned, now 51. That is significant (filibuster). Essentially, the young and spritely Justice Roberts did not rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare, but instead made it a tax that comes under the commerce clause which thus severely limits how much it can be played around with. An important distinction there is that congress can regulate but not compel commerce i.e. there goes being forced to pay for insurance. Another part of the ruling means states not wanting a bar more of medicaid that they haven’t already signed up for cannot be forced to do so. The other sticking point is that tax laws – of which Obamacare is now a part of – *must* originate from congress. Obamacare originated from the executive branch, and was passed only by the senate using arcane procedures. Should be interesting.

Two further points, however.

The “raise taxes” argument is pretty strong out there in the Americanosphere, so criticising Obamacare as a tax rise probably won’t work – although the people pushing the most for the biggest tax increases probably aren’t the people who pay much tax. 😉 The average American may have a different opinion.

The overwhelming opinion I get from the Americans I know is that for too many, the American healthcare system is fucked. I’ve never had to pay hundreds of dollars for relatively minor treatment. Yes, the best healthcare does exist in America, but who the fuck can access it? Personally, I like the Australian and Korean model… buuuut, I’ve never been to, yet alone lived in America, so I’m open to argument.

Make that three…

Like the boat people crisis in Australia, perhaps it would be wise not to run this issue to ground on ideological/political lines.


Australia’s carbon tax, like Obamacare, unconstitutional?

Via the Bolta, it could well be. The argument basically boils down to whether the feds can tax stuff owned by the states (the CO2 would be owned by the states).

The constitution says you can’t. Gillard says she wants to.

Fun times.

It looks like we have Gillard doing it over here with her CO2 trace gas tax, and it looks like we have Obama doing it over in the US with his likewise draconian Obamacare (on a lighter note, here’s why Obamacare will be shot down, BTW).

Gillard here. Obama there. In both cases you have federal government leaders trying to seize power that the constitution arguably says they can’t have.

What is with that; power hungry leftist leaders snubbing the founding document of the nations they’re supposed to be leading?

Anyway, with any luck, Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax will be challenged in the High Court like Obamacare is being challenged – and probably successfully, too – in the US Supreme Court.

If so, can we expect Julia to brazenly lash out like Obama did?

Obamacare Unconstitutional? Nevermind…

Perhaps Obama would be wiser in the future to try and make his laws constitutional rather than lashing out at the third arm of government merely for doing their job.

It’s widely expected – but not guaranteed – that the US Supreme Court will deem Obama’s landmark piece of legislation known colloquially as Obamacare won’t pass mustard insofar as the federal government can’t force people to buy something.

His line is, and this is disturbingly brazen, is that the Supreme Court is unelected whilst Congress, the Senate, and his good self is.


Hey, why not just do away with the Supreme Court completely then?

“Ultimately, I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress,” Obama said.

Oh, you mean that law that was passed in the middle of the night that no one even had a chance to read?


It looks like Obamacare is going to be shot down by the US Supreme Court for being unconstitutional insofar that the federal government cannot force people to buy something they don’t want; in this case, private health insurance.

The Supreme Court’s conservative justices said Wednesday they are prepared to strike down President Obama’s healthcare law entirely.

Picking up where they left off Tuesday, the conservatives said they thought a decision striking down the law’s controversial individual mandate to purchase health insurance means the whole statute should fall with it.

It was going to cost billions, and with bureaucrats crunching the numbers, you wouldn’t have wanted to be old and sick at the same time. In fact, it was pretty draconian, trampled all over individual, constitutional, and states’ rights, and actually wouldn’t have covered everybody anyway.

The US health system, despite being the best in the world, may not be perfect. However, good riddance to a bad set of laws.

Bring Obama down over healthcare, not crap he said 20 years ago or the birther issue

Hey, I’m guilty of the birther stuff, too, when it gained real notoriety from Donald Trump dipping his toe into the presidential contender piranha pond (and having his leg eaten off).

And it’s essentially wrong that that issue hasn’t been resolved properly, not least because of the latest investigation asserting that the birth certificate Obama finally released after Trump’s mounting pressure is a fake.

Also essentially wrong is Obama’s past, whether it was his close association with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, his 20 years of attendance at “God damn America” Jeremiah Wright’s church, or the recent video that has surfaced that shows Obama, as a Harvard student, singing the praises of some bloke who it’s claimed is a raaaaacist Mr nastypants.

However, I simply don’t see any of those bones of contention really going anywhere. The first two didn’t and the third won’t now. Sure it’s good fodder for the conservatives over in the States, but the likelihood of it changing anyone’s mind is slim.

What Obama’s opponents – and this includes the GOP’s current POTUS wannabes – should be hammering home ad nauseam is not the above but rather… Obamacare.

Sure, my American friends pretty much all confirm that something needed to be done about healthcare in the US despite it already being among the best in the world, but just as Obama relieving himself on our heads isn’t rain, Obamacare isn’t the solution to America’s perceived healthcare woes.

Too many people wet their pants when they say “Obama” and then imagine when you combine that with “healthcare” that all the ills of America will magically be cured because, like, you know, it’s OBAAAMA.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Apart from most likely being unconstitutional, it won’t actually put many people who aren’t on healthcare onto it, it’ll cost an arm and a leg, it will reduce both the quality and amount of service available (if you’re too old, don’t get sick), it will tie everybody up in red tape, it will hamstring small businesses, and it will take away a great deal many rights now enjoyed by both patients and doctors alike (not to mention individual states).

It’s draconian.

And those waivers…

For example, Democrat Harry Reid who pushed heavily for Obamacare managed to secure his entire state – Nevada – a waiver. Unions who helped fund the campaign for Obamacare also received waivers thus saving them a ton of cash. There are other examples such as McDonald’s.

Obamacare a poison pill. Far from being a solution, it is a myriad of problems.

Hammer that point home. Stop banging on about stupid birther crap or sh*t he said 20 years ago about some bloke no one’s heard of.

Going after “who” Obama is won’t work, not when it’s (cue angels singing) Obahahahahama.

The best bet the GOP has of unseating him – and let’s face it, if that bet were a road, it’d be  a road in the Andes – is attacking his disastrous policies.

And when it comes to those, there is no bigger elephant in the china shop than Obamacare… IF the truth about it becomes more widely known.

Wednesday 7/3/12 open/twitter thread

Look, it’s just over there on the right of screen. Yep, the twitter feed. A few goodies there. Serious, it’s almost 2AM. Do they all HAVE to be blogged? Try the twitter feed. Bet it’s easier than folks may fear.

Aside from that, anything else making the fingers itch?

PS Not as relevant for the Aussies who come here, but after months of hearing this and that about Obamacare, rhetoric flying everywhere from both sides, I stumbled across a series of YouTube vids which explain clearly what it is, who it will (and won’t) implicate and how, including the various costs and regulations (eek!) involved, plus other issues and possible alternatives. If you have the time, it’s well worth grabbing a cuppa and checking it out.

Here’s part one. The rest are easy enough to find from there.

It also points out how much of a shocker the similar Romneycare is. Have fun this Super Tuesday my American friends! 🙂

PPS If you only have a minute or two…

Then what’s the point, Obama?

It seems even Obama knows Obamacare is a dud.

Nearly a million workers won’t get a consumer protection in the U.S. health reform law meant to cap insurance costs because the government exempted their employers.

Thirty companies and organizations, including McDonald’s… and Jack in the Box…, won’t be required to raise the minimum annual benefit included in low-cost health plans, which are often used to cover part-time or low-wage employees.


Sorry. I didn’t put the link in yesterday. Here’s basically the same story.

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