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Facebook: Political abuse? No way! Racial abuse? OK.

Remember when Aussie icon and cartoonist, Larry Pickering, was temporarily kicked off Facebook for political incorrectness against the PM?

The page, which has almost 3000 “likes”, posts pictures of indigenous people with captions that some Facebook users claim are offensive and, in some cases, hate speech.

Disgraceful. But also, when it comes to this kind of racial or political stuff, I think it’s the lack of consistency which bugs me the most.

Take the current PC London Olympics. Sportspeople who may or may not have conveyed racist sentiments, or the “wrong” political sentiments, are sent home. This is despite it being the Olympics, an international sports event meant to be devoid of politics, even to the point where regimes such as North Korea, and any other “questionable” country is allowed to have its athletes compete, no eyebrows raised.

Not just there, but back in Australia too, and the whole racial/political issue is, in many instances, utterly ridiculous.

There is absolutely no consistency anymore. It’s whoever says whatever platitude feels good at the time and/or has the powers that be in their pocket… at that time.

And it’s not even what is said anymore. It’s who says it, and/or who that person knows.

There has to be a consistent, fair standard and that standard has to be enforced.


Korea’s national broadcaster attacks foreigners

MBC is one of Korea’s biggest TV networks, if not the biggest. It’s basically their national broadcasting network. Recently, they aired a short “documentary” about how nasty foreigners are getting nice Korean girls pregnant and giving them HIV. Yeah, you know, one of those sans-fact all foreigners are dirty, blahblahblah, stealin’ our [blahblahblah] pieces of trash, racist, xenophobic, sensationalist – cue dramatic music – “investigative reports”.

Needless to say, the foreigner community is fuming over this blatant attack on what is still a soft, easy target over here.

Unsavoury events happen anywhere, yet how irresponsible is it when the nation’s main broadcaster whips up this kind of ugly – and ill-informed – sentiment.

What an insult. What an insult to my beautiful Korean wife. What an insult to a mate and his Korean wife, expecting in a couple of months. What an insult to another mate and his Korean wife, and their beautiful five year old daughter. And the rest of us, who either keep to ourselves, and/or are in genuine relationships with Korean women.

What an insult to all of us university educated, health – including drugs and HIV – tested ESL teachers who’ve submitted FBI (or the equivalent e.g. AFP in Australia) criminal background checks.

A slap in the face to all the ESL teachers trying to help Korea (and its export economy) become more integrated with the rest of the world via the international language, English.

Snubbed: all the foreign engineers over here working hand in hand with Korea’s best to build the next generation of world-class technologies.

What spitefulness to all the US troops stationed in Korea, a deterrent against an erratic and dangerous North Korea.

One of the most disgusting pieces of trash “journalism” I’ve seen in a long, long time. MBC Korea, hang your head in shame.


This kind of “reporting” is not on. Anywhere.

PS And to think, Korea is trying to promote their Yeosu 2012 Expo (no, NOT linking).

Via Crimson North

It’s a start. We’ve done what our generation does best.


Funny way for MBC Korea, Korea’s national broadcaster, to stereotype foreigners just when Korea’s trying to open its doors to the world.


We’ve put a report of sorts on CNN’s iReport. Recommending it etc. only takes a few mouse clicks.


From the Korea Herald: “Expats outraged by ‘racist’ MBC report”

“What has been revealed (if you will) is the real story behind mixed relationships in Korea, and what a truly heart-warming story it is. MBC has egg on their face, and should apologize,” said James Board, an elementary school teacher from Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province.

And people wanna b*tch about Australia being racist???

We’re a bloody tolerant mob if you ask me. Check this out.

Jasmine Lee, the Philippine-born naturalized Korean citizen who became a ruling Saenuri Party [they’re the Righties over here – bing] lawmaker, is becoming the target of racially-based online attacks.

Some bloggers and tweeters have said Lee’s election will pave the way for interracial families to gain at the expense of Koreans and producing more illegal aliens.

Wow. And who’s coming up with this crap? (BTW, unlike raaaaacism charges against certain bloggers in Australia, there are actually quotes in that link to prove it.)

As many of those denouncing the ruling party lawmaker-elect are supporters of opposition parties [the Lefties – bing], critic Chin Jung-kwon also said, “The opposition party won’t have a chance of winning the presidential election if it doesn’t do something to stop its supporters from abusing Jasmine Lee.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. Overall I’m treated very well in Korea, but in comparison, Aussies bend over backwards for our new mates.

Take the case of an idol-type competition show over here. Despite being a far better performer, and receiving more praise from the judges, this poor lass just couldn’t get the viewer votes compared to the more lackluster full-blooded Korean.

Next time some idiot tells you Aussies are racist, tell ’em to get stuffed.

Back on deck

Because I’m back at work and it’s so much easier blogging when in “work mode”. Thanks for all those links guys (for the uninitiated, check recent comments [headlines] as of 1/Feb/12 in the Obama thread below).

Have been keeping abreast of recent events (read: Australia Day race riots) ever since I saw the ugly scenes splashed across CNN. As most reading this will know, the excellent Andrew Bolt has been all over this like cankles on a ranga.

For our American readers (FOAR), this is turning out to be something akin to Australia’s Watergate except the action has been sped up. Member(s) of the PM’s Office have been busted inciting a race riot (that threatened the very safety of the Opposition Leader and ironically the PM, too) based on false assertions of what the Opposition Leader said about a bunch of squalid tents parked on the lawn of Old Parliament House AKA the Aboriginal Tent Embassy – a largely obsolete, fringe group relic lingering on from the far-poorer race relations of 40 years ago. The word got out that the Opposition Leader said it should be torn down. What he actually said was we should move on from the race relations of 40 years ago… slight difference.

(FOAR) This could well go all the way to the top i.e. the PM herself. The PM’s Office’s latest attempt to blame the Opposition Leader for every government failing – of which there are many – and portray the Opposition Leader as a racist (he isn’t, heck, he does volunteer work in remote Aboriginal communities [no cameras, either]) has failed spectactularly.

It blew up in their face better than a hard-boiled rotten egg re-heated in the microwave.

Anyway, I’m off to catch up on yesterday’s radio segment featuring Andrew Bolt and Steve Price chatting with the bloke who broke this whole story in the first place, the tenacious Ray Hadley.

If it wasn’t for him (and his first source) , the PM could well have gotten away with all this…

See you soon (as in later today with any luck), folks, and thanks again for all those links.

(Apologies to JM who has emailed many, too. I did read the headlines…)

A leopard can change its spots

Good on this bloke for getting past racism.

Using 25 laser surgeries, a former white supremacist has had the racist tattoos removed from his face.

A FORMER racist skinhead has put himself through months of pain to erase the hate tattooed on his face.

Bryon Widner and his wife Julie were pillars of the white power movement when they first met – she a member of the National Alliance, he a founder of the Vinlanders gang of skinheads in Ohio.

People grabbed their children when Mr Widner swaggered into a store, and lowered their voices when he entered a restaurant.

He had symbols of racist violence carved into his face and the letters HATE stamped across the knuckles of his right hand. “Blood & Honour” was tattooed across his neck, “Thug Reich” across his belly, swastikas adorned his shaved scalp. On his forehead, a thick, black, upward-pointing arrow symbolised his willingness to die for his race.

But after getting married in 2006, and settling down together to raise Mrs Widner’s three children from a former marriage, and a child of their own, the couple started to question their racist beliefs.

There is no logic to any form of racism, and it’s disappointing that western societies still largely buy into reverse racism, that members of certain races receive special treatment.

It’s not racism if the victim is white

Huh? Well that’s what US Attorney General Eric Holder reckons anyway…

It’s all apparently because whites haven’t suffered enough.

Whatever, racism (which includes reverse racism and affirmative action) is racism no matter what race is subjected to it, full stop.

And it sucks.

H/T reader Red, White and Blue

Racist Goths… or not

Here’s an anecdote for yas. Lady bing, back when she was living in Australia, walked past Sydney City Hall around noon one day. Made eye-contact with a Goth, part of a group of Goths there at the time.

Apparently, collections of collectives tend to hang around Sydney City Hall.

Anyway, his druggy eyes made contact with hers, she tried to avoid, but he approached her and said, “Get out of here!”

This was on her way to English class.

Meanwhile, later, lady bing was at a KFC and a few Goths were blocking her view of the TV. One noticed and promptly apologised and moved aside.

What next? They don’t ALL like the Twilight series?

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