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Nah, you were too hard on Bernadi, Bolta

So Senator Cory Bernadi has been dumped for arguing that same sex marriage could lead to bestiality.

Bolta has endorsed this dumping.

But Bolta himself argued that same-sex marriage was wrong because it was the start of a slippery slope.

Well, you can’t have it both ways, Andrew.

Arguing that the so-called slippery slope could (would?) lead to polygamy – as an example – and then condemning Bernadi for taking that argument to another logical step makes no sense at all.

It sounds weak.

So the narrative goes: polygamy is bad a) if you’re a Righty, it’s because Muslims do it and b) if you’re a Lefty, it’s because Mormons used to do it before it was outlawed and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is Mormon and c) this is the result of ridiculous religious ideology, and atheism is the go… but we’ll just attack right wing Christians for now whilst we establish our power base.

Ho hum, a quick Google image search (sans filters) might tell you that all kinds of people love their pets a bit too much.

All in all, Bernadi makes a lot of sense with his usual writings, although not with that quip. Thus, all in all, this should be the time to give him a break, not break his neck at the gallows!

Oh, and never mind that same sex marriage is just that: same-sex marriage, give or take a hyphen.

Why we’re arguing about this crap in the first place is another question. 🙄

PS This kind of stuff bugs the thorax out of me. The Liberals did it with the anti-AGW bloke, Dennis Jensen, as well… to the point of dis-endorsing him.

Plant five billion bucks worth of trees if you like, Tony – after all, even loggers like trees – but don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining claim that it’s a better solution to the non-solution to save the planet (which doesn’t need saving anyway).

That’s just “crap”..


Labor’s dirt machine

They’ve been at it since the beginning of time, and were likely feeding David Marr scuttlebutt for months as he researched his attack on Opposition leader Tony Abbott, and yet the best that they both can up with is that maybe Tony Abbott hit a wall when he was a teenager, as “witnessed” by two people, Abbott haters no less, who weren’t even there.

🙄 😆


More here.

GillardGate: the Lefty luvvies are getting really nasty today

Take this from the Courier Mail’s (a Murdoch rag, ha!) Paul Syvret. The bloke is frothing at the mouth.

First it starts with a picture-tells-1000-words cartoon of a menacing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott flinging mud… conveniently forgetting the fact the actual allegations themselves have come from those on the Left, including former Labor Attorney General and current labor MP Robert McClelland as well as AWU heavyweights such as Bob Kernohan and former AWU national secretary Ian Cambridge who was even made a judge by Gillard. And let’s not forget half of this can’o’worms was opened by none other than major Lefty lawyer Harry Nowicki!

But no. Syvret kicks in the boot foam thong elsewhere.

LARRY Pickering. James Ashby. Godwin Grech.

And then… hints! Oooo booga booga!

Yep. Never mind the cases surrounding or linked to each man are completely separate from each other, good ol’ Paul conveniently links them together.

Must be a vast right wing conspiracy.

Is there nothing funnier than the paranoid fact-free, leftist mind when backed into a corner??

Some other apologist – ahh, yes, another Courier Mail luvvie, Dennis Atkins, went and called Larry Pickering a “soft-porn cartoonist”.

Really, Dennis? 😮

But we should probably mellow the harshy on Atkins and Syvret. After all, despite their best efforts, the QLD ALP has been reduced to a mere seven seats.

Meh, no. Not when crap like Syrvet’s muck-racking is being passed off as reasoned opinion.

The little grub has had the hide to bring up stuff from the past that actually WAS cleared (laughed out of town, thrown out of court, resolved) and then has the hide to attest to the following:

But it would be grubby to dredge up old and unsubstantiated smears of decades past like that purely to smear a political opponent wouldn’t it?

Yes, Paul. I guess it would be.

A [Labor] document calls on staffers to find details on their opponents’ “younger days”…

That’s gotta smart every morning…

The bloke is clutching at straw man arguments, and is a total, desperate hypocrite.

And who should Paul really be all pissy pants at? The people he attacked or perhaps, some other folks?

Poor Paul. Still hasn’t got it that this isn’t a left/right issue; that maybe it’s a few on the left trying to save the once proud ALP from destruction.

PS Conveniently, they’ve turned off comments for legal reasons, and with the way things are, that can be understood… however Paul Syvret sounds like someone who’d have turned them off anyway.


And yet even lower the desperate stoop.
Sexist, racist, homophobic, religious nut, zealot, etc. etc…
What other BWAHAism can these fools come up with?

The Snowy Mountain Scheme: what Labor giveth, Labor taketh away

Quite astonishing that Julia Gillard likened her carbon tax to the Snowy Mountain scheme insofar at how momentous it is.

It’s funny because the Snowy Mountain Hydro scheme is on her bucket list of the top 250 “big polluders”.

The Snowy Mountain scheme was started by Labor, and yet it is Labor driving the first nail into its coffin.

And wasn’t hydro electricity meant to be pretty clean and green, anyway?

What a farce. And it doesn’t end there.

Remember when it was 1000 companies that would have to pay? And then it was watered down to 500? And now it’s 250?

And mere days in, there’s talk of that $23 per tonne being watered down to $15.

It makes you wonder if this government has a clue about what it stands for, and what it’s doing.

Thus, business is left most uncertain, as if penalising the big polluders engines of Australia wasn’t enough (and no, they don’t trust Abbott, either).


If only my Korean wife should be so lucky should we ever choose to move back to Australia…

Via the excellent, Larry Pickering.

L-NP 61.5 to ALP’s 38.5


In the latest Morgan Poll L-NP support is 61.5% (up 3.5% since last week’s face-to-face Morgan Poll) compared to the ALP’s 38.5% (down 3.5%) on a two-party preferred basis according to a face-to-face Morgan Poll conducted last weekend, May 26/27, 2012. This is a record two-party preferred lead for the L-NP in over 70 years of the Morgan Poll based on how electors said they’d vote.

Today’s face-to-face Morgan Poll shows the L-NP primary vote is 49% (up 3.5%) well ahead of the ALP 27.5% (down 4.5%). Support for the minor parties shows the Greens 13% (up 2.5%) and Independents/ Others 10.5% (down 1.5%).

Newspoll gives slightly better results but it’s still dire.

That said, Opposition leader Tony Abbott has cautioned his team not to rest on their laurels.

“Gillard won’t lie down and die. Where there’s life, there’s fight,” Mr Abbott said.

“Our job won’t be over until the next election is won.”

No-confidence motion next week?

“Independent” MP Tony Windsor is egging on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott – currently riding a tsunami of popularity – to move a motion of no-confidence in the Gillard government when parliament resumes May 8th.


“The only way Mr Abbott can find out (if he has support in the parliament) – he would know this, he’s read politics 101 – is if he tests the market place.”

Personally, I’d trust my cat to stay off the coffee table when I’m not home more than I’d trust Windsor, and this smacks of him trying to set Abbott up for an embarassing failure.

Can you take a word that comes out of his mouth seriously? You know, there’s stuff you hear that rings true and then there’s Tony Windsor.

But Mr Windsor said when he actually spoke to his constituents they ultimately agreed with the Labor-driven reforms of aged care, the National Broadband Network, renewable energy and action on the Murray-Darling Basin.

Yep. New England conservatives are apparently gung-ho for the above.

It all makes it sound like Windsor is still smarting after being disendorsed over those drink driving allegations.


So Windsor reckons his constituents are glad for the $36 billion obselete-before-it’s-built NBN, and to have precious farm water ripped out of the Murray-Darling Basin and flushed down the river.

Now I’m no New England local, but they appear to be more concerned with coal-seam gas exploration.

As for Windsor himself, he’s taken rather a confused position on everything to do with coal.


Other independent Andrew Wilkie won’t support a motion of no-confidence.

Beacuse having Craig Thomson (no matter what happens, his political career is finished* argues Philip Coorey of the SMH) sit as an independent changes everything.

Like Windsor, Wilkie has his finger on the pulse.

“A very large number of people in the electorate are very disappointed with this government but that’s not to say they want a change of government,” he said.



* Ya think?

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